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UGE-ECS has had local presence with CALTRANS Department of Transportation since 1989 to present. UGE-ECS experience with CALTRANS includes Preliminary Assessments, Health and Safety Training, Inspection of Projects and Project Management for many of the freeway expansion projects in California.
UGE-ECS was the sub-consultant managing the removal and disposal of Asbestos Containing Material from the U.S. Post Office located in Guastic, California. Clauss Construction, from San Diego, was the Prime Contractor. The project was completed started in August 1989 and completed in December 1989 on schedule.
UGE-ECS was the U.S. Department of State representative in managing the abatement of Asbestos Containing Materials in U.S. Consulates and general living quarters in several foreign countries. The work was conducted successfully between 1988 and 1991.
UGE-ECS was the Asbestos Assessor and Project Manager working in partnership with International Environmental, Inc. The project involved removing Asbestos Containing Material for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers located at the Presidio in San Francisco, California.
UGE-ECS completed a contract at Edward A.F.B. for removal and disposal of hazardous waste and sludge from the Waste Water Treatment Plant. Fifteen certified and Licensed hazardous waste transporters were hired and managed by UGE-ECS to confirm the deliveries were made timely and in compliance with all governmental standard and regulatory compliance. UGE-ECS was issued a “Task Order Driven” contract by the Navy Southwest Division. The work consisted of performing assessments involving Underground Storage Tanks at the REWS site located at the Naval Auxiliary Landing Field on San Clemente Island. Task orders included Site Assessment Plan Preparation, Health & Safety Plans, Soil Sampling, Core Drilling, Boring Tests & Analysis and many others, ending with a Closure Report.
UGE-ECS completed a “Base Closure and Hazardous Waste Removal & Disposal” project at the US Coast Guard Engineering Unit. The “Waste Stream” was identified, packaged, labeled, manifested and ultimately shipped to the Mainland for disposal according to regulatory requirements. The Waste Stream included Organic & Inorganic materials, PCB Transformers, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons and Contaminated Soil. The facility was inspected by the U.S. Coast CIH for final closure and clearance. This project was completed in Upolu, Hawaii.
UGE-ECS was the Environmental Prime Contractor for “Federal Aviation Administration” (FAA) . Our Task Order consisted of installation of an (new and first time used) integrated monitoring system that provides measurement and control for fuel storage tanks and Engine Generators. Installed liquid level sensing, temperature sensing, leak detection, environmental sensing Local Remote Alarm Annunciation in the prevention of fuel spill and to prevent environmental contamination. The contract was an SB8(a) Western Pacific Region contract and included California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, American Somoa and Guam.

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